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Lecture cycle SIM 1 – Seminário de Investigação Mensal

23, february 2015

The Research Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences at the University of Lisbon School of Law is organizing a lecture cycle, as part of its monthly Investigation Seminar 1 (coordinator: Professor Fernanda Palma - CIDPCC/IDPCC).

  • "Artificial Intelligence - Challenges, Opportunities and Risks"
    Prof. Luís Custódio | Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon
    23 February - 3pm
  • "Freedom of Choice: Semantics and Existence"
    Ricardo Tavares da Silva | Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon, CDIPCC
    2 March - 3pm
  • "Self-reference and Hetero-reference in Musical Communication"
    Prof. Mário Vieira de Carvalho | Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Research Center at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    16 March - 3pm
  • "Physics and Concepts of Freedom "
    Prof. Rui Moreira | Faculty of Sciences of the University ofLisbon
    30 March - 3pm
  • "Two arguments regarding responsibility"
    Ricardo Tavares da Silva | FLUL, CIDPCC
    13 April - 3pm
  • Dr. João Matos Viana | CIDPCC
    soon to be announced

Free entrance, subject to room capacity.