Scientific Board

Prof.ª Doutora Ana Bárbara de Sousa e Brito

Prof.ª Doutora Ana Bárbara de Sousa e Brito

Areas of Interest

Relation between Criminal Law and cognitive sciences such as neuroscience.
Mens rea (in action; wrongdoing and guilt)),
How to analyse a crime: Theory and practise; Individual or general criteria

Academic degrees

  • Ph.D in Law, with summa cum laude, with unanimous vote, from the Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon. The title of the thesis was “The individual possibility of knowing the actus reus as the main element of inadvertent negligence – A dogmatic research in the light of the cognitive sciences” (July of 2013).
  • Bachelor of Law from Lusíada University with a final average of 15

Research and  Scientific cooperation

  • Scholar at  Technology and Science Foundation  (PhD Scholarship) , between October  2002 and September 2006.
  • Researcher at  Law, economical and ambient Studies Centre  (CEJAE) at Law Faculty at Lusiada University.
  • Collaborator at Research Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences CIDPCC) at  University of Lisbon School of Law.
  • Collaborator at Investigation and Development Centre of Law and Society (CEDIS) at NOVA Law School

Pedagogical experience

  • Professor of criminal law at Lusiada University (degree and Masters).
  • Professor of criminal procedural law at Lusíada University (degree and Masters).
  • Professor of criminal law at Nova Law School.

Professional activity

  • Vice-President at Casa Museu Quinta das Quintans- AssociationPublications


  • “The distinction between incitement to suicide and indirect perpetrator of homicide infants under the age of 16”, O Direito, Ano 133.º, n.º 3, 2001, 615-657.
  • et SILVA DIAS, Augusto, “Criminal Tax Law in Portugal”, em Gerhard DANNECKER, Oswald JANSEN (eds.), Steuerstrafrecht in Europa und den Vereinigten Staaten. Stuttgart, München: Linde Verlag, (“Fachbuch Recht.“), 2007, 455-477.
  • “The Place of the Principle of Culpability in the Portuguese Constitution”, Liber Amicorum de José de Sousa e Brito in Commemoration of the 70.ºAniversary, Studies of Law and Philosophy , Coimbra: Almedina, 2009, 751-762.
  • “Negligence: between the criminal law and the neuroscience”, Coimbra, Almedina, 2015.