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Doutor Jan Christoph Bublitz

Doutor Jan Christoph Bublitz

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Law; Human Rights Law, esp. regulation of the human mind; Neuroscience, Psychology & Law; Bioethics

Academic degrees

  • LL.B, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg
  • German State Examinatorium
  • PhD in Law from the University of Hamburg  

Teaching experience

  • Interim Professor in Criminal law & Criminology (2015 - 2017), lectures in German Criminal law, Philosophy of Law, Drug law. Various classes and seminars.

Research and scientific cooperation

  • Fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research ZIF, Bielefeld
  • Principal Investigator of an interdisciplinary project on law & ethics of memory manipulation: “A duty to remember, a right to forget?”
  • Principal Investigator of the project INTERFACES on legal & ethical issues of  Brain-Computer-Interfaces (
  • In 2018, visting fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford


  • Co-Editor of the book series “Neuroscience, Law & Human Behavior” at Palgrave (together with Marc Blitz & Jane Moriarty)
  • Steinert/Bublitz/Friedrich/Jox (2018): Doing things with thoughts: BCI-movements and disembodied agency. Philosophy & Technology
  • Bublitz (2017): Means matter: On the legal relevance of the distinction between direct and indirect mind-interventions. In: Nicole Vincent (ed.), Neuro-Interventions and the Law: Regulating Human Mental Capacity. New York: Oxford University Press
  • Bublitz (2017): „The Soul is the Prison of the Body” – Mandatory Moral Enhancement, State Interests & Rights against Rehabilitation. In: David Birks & Thomas Douglas (eds.), Treatment for Crime: Philosophical Essays on Neurointerventions in Criminal Justice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Paulo/Bublitz (2016): Pow(d)er to the People!? Voter manipulation, legitimacy and the relevance of moral psychology for democratic theory. Neuroethics [doi:10.1007/s12152-016-9266-7]
  • Bublitz (2016): Moral Enhancement and Mental Freedom. Journal of Applied Philosophy 33:1, 88–106
  • Bublitz (2014): Cognitive Liberty or the International Human Right to Freedom of Thought. In: Jens Clausen & Neil Levy (eds.), Springer Handbook of Neuroethics. Dordrecht: Springer,1309 - 1334
  • Bublitz (2014): Memory Manipulations & the Law. In: Jens Clausen & Neil Levy (eds.), Springer Handbook of Neuroethics. Dordrecht: Springer, 1279–1308
  • Bublitz (2014): Freedom of thought in the age of neuroscience. A plea and a proposal for the renaissance of a forgotten fundamental right. Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie 100:1, 1–25
  • Bublitz/Merkel (2014): Crimes Against Minds: On Mental Manipulations, Harms and a Human Right to Mental Self-Determination. Criminal Law and Philosophy 8:1, 51–77
  • Bublitz/Merkel (2013): Guilty Minds in Washed Brains? Manipulation Cases, Compatibilist Excuses and the Premises of Liberal Legal Orders. In: Nicole Vincent (ed.), Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility. New York: Oxford University Press, 335–374
  • Bublitz/Merkel (2009): Autonomy and Authenticity of Enhanced Personality Traits. Bioethics 23, 360–374