SIM 1 meeting


A meeting of the monthly investigation seminar Seminário de Investigação Mensal 1 (SIM 1, coordinator Maria Fernanda Palma) is held on July, 22nd with the following agenda:

  • Evaluation and conclusions of the activities carried out during the past year;
  • Conclusions of the international conference “Mind and Responsibility”;
  • Consideration of methodological criteria regarding the development of research activity in the forthcoming year: the issue of the relationship between studies in Criminal Law and data originating from behavioural and cognitive sciences;
  • Organization of future seminars on:
    – “From Naturalist Fallacy to Normative Fallacy”
    – Methodology of foundation, argumentation and decision in Criminal Law
    – Critical Case law studies
    – Studies on Gender Violence
    – Statistical research in Criminology in Portugal
  • Manifesto on the scientific commitment of researchers in Legal-Criminal Sciences and interdisciplinary researchers

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