Anatomy of Crime vol. 15

ISSN 2184-027X, 2022

Anatomy of Crime is a legal journal in the field of legal-criminal sciences and, at the same time, the public face of a project of analysis of Criminal Law themes open to the multiple influences of scientific thought and philosophy.

Its name, inspired by Otto Preminger’s movie Anatomy of a Murder, seeks to suggest the dissection of common ideas, legal language and the social reality of crime itself. And it also suggests a critical deconstruction of ideas traditionally arranged in juridical thinking but little analysed. The selection of articles, while encompassing methodological diversity and different approaches to criminal matters, will always seek to promote and give opportunity for publication to thought directed to the discovery of what is beyond the appearance of things.

On the other hand, it will be an international publication space, with the revision that the quality of a scientific journal requires, and a forum for researchers from Portuguese and foreign universities.

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