Obituary Isabel Pinto Ribeiro

It is with great sadness that the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences of University of Lisbon School of Law announces the passing of its member Prof. Isabel Pinto Ribeiro, Professor at both the Medical School and the Law School of University of Lisbon, as well as a former Director of the National Legal Medicine Institute.

She will always be remembered for her scientific spirit and her love for the university, and the ability to build bridges between law and medicine.

Our condolences go to her family.

Mental states and criminal responsibility

CIDPCC organises the conference “Mental states and criminal responsibility”, on June 7, 2024, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.

The conference is chaired by Prof. Dr. Sara Xapelli (Mind-Brain College of the University of Lisbon) and presented by Prof. Dr. Maria Fernanda Palma (CIDPCC/FDUL), keynote speaker is distinguished Prof. Dr. Michael S. Moore with a lecture on “Mental states and criminal responsibility – New challenges”. Michael S. Moore is Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Illinois College of Law, holder of the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Professorship, as well as the Center for Advanced Studies at the same University, and Co-Director of the Program in Law and Philosophy. His work focuses on the areas of Law, Morality, Metaphysics, Psychiatry and Neuroscience and their intersections.

Call for Awarding Research Initiation Fellowships (BIC)

10 Research Initiation Fellowship(s) (BIC) are open at the Research Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences (CIDPCC), funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P./MCTES through national funds.

Please refer to the tender call below for more details

Iberian Meeting on the Legal Status of the Elderly

IDPCC/CIDPCC organizes the “Iberian Meeting on the legal status of the elderly”, on April 11, 2024 (10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m), under the scientific coordination of Professors Jorge Duarte Pinheiro (FDUL/CIDPCC) and Javier Barceló Doménech (Universidad de Alicante).

The event will take place in amphitheatre no. 7 of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.

Macbeth in the Light of Victimology

A conference on “Macbeth, a la luz de la Victimología” (on Macbeth in the light of Victimology) will be held on December, 11th, 4 pm, at the Auditorium of the Lisbon School of Law, by Prof. Myriam Herrera Moreno (University of Seville).

The conference is part of the research project “Crime and Literature”, under the scientific coordination by Prof. Maria Fernanda Palma.

2nd Research Award Professor Augusto Silva Dias

The Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences (IDPCC), the Research Centre for Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences (CIDPCC), and the Academic Association of the Faculty of Law of Lisbon (AAFDL) are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the Research Award Professor Augusto Silva Dias.

Further information available here.

PhD Graduation

Congratulations to our researcher Ana Teresa Escher Rieger, who received her PhD at the University of Lisbon by November 2nd!

Ana Teresa Escher Rieger successfully defended her PhD thesis “Language Related Indeterminacy in the Law”, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Fernanda Palma, having been approved with praise.

The CIDPCC wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavours!

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